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Posted in DuniaRafi by wiratara on Juni 28, 2009

Dear friends,

It was almost 2 years ago since I firstly knew this blogging world. It was fascinating and tempting to share experiences, private stories or just showing up with some silly stories, and indeed it is still the same feeling I have now. But sometimes I felt that I didn’t do enough to maintain this blog stay up to date and also giving benefit to others. What a shame!

For me blogging is the way I tell the world of my stories, connecting me with the unknown audiences/bloggers all over the world. Initially I wanted to build my blog in english since english is now still the most widely used language in this small world. But with some considerations I decided not to and used Bahasa Indonesia as my main blog language. But, as time goes by and as the world also change, I think I have to refine my purpose of this blogging. I have to decide whether I want to stay in the small box or I can grow bigger, move faster and cover wider audiences (of course I have to prepare for the interesting grand design for that).

Perhaps in the next few months (after graduation) I will try to create a better blog using professional domain such as .com or .web.id or whatever as long as better than free ddomain and of course in English! wish me luck on that and hope  to see you soon in my better shape.

(Note: But for nowdays, I will still use this wordpress)

Have a nice blogwalking!



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