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7 Steps To Improve Self-Motivation by Jeff Cohen

Posted in CelotehAyah&Mama by wiratara on Mei 24, 2009



Lately I always feel that I am really stuck on some assignments which actually are very important for my current study. The most annoying thing is that I become lazy and unable to start to work again with those things, especially with my Thesis which is the most important thing to do!

I’ve tried to do some steps to build up my strenght and my courage on that but it always failed. I don’t know why and how that things repeteadly happened to me. Just like today, I am trying to reopen my thesis documents but still no work yielded. I tried to look for some motivation wisdoms in the internet by the assistance of Mr. Google, and he gave me this  ‘seven steps by Jeff Cohan’. The Fifth point seems to be very appropriate for me. Hope I can cope with it soon. Wish me my friends!

Below is the steps given by Jeff Cohen:

Write down as many dreams as you can…now. You may be dreaming of fulfilling your greatest desire, getting the best education money can buy, or buying the car of your dreams. However, all will be futile if you cannot push yourself and strive hard to succeed. Motivation is an integral element in becoming successful in any undertaking you begin.

Here are helpful tips in improving your motivation:

1. Be health conscious. Your motivation will be high if you get sufficient sleep, take the required vitamins, and get regular exercise. It is easier to perform your tasks if you are feeling vibrant and healthy.

2. Make your plan of action. Spend some time writing down things that you’d like to do. Set your course of action. Identify which is most important.

3. Practice the 15-minute time rule. Give yourself a fifteen-minute time limit with a timer. You have the option to stop when the timer sets off. Slowly, you’ll realize that you are beginning to develop an interest in the task when time expires.

4. Discover your “peak hours.” Ask yourself: Am I a morning or afternoon person? Find out the time of day where you are most energetic. Do you have more energy in the morning? Then it is advisable for you to take jobs that require more energy in the morning. Late afternoon hours should be reserved for jobs that require less thinking. If you have more energy in the evening, you can seek profitable work that will match your enthusiasm.

5. Stop being a perfectionist. Aim for work accomplishment and not perfection. Striving for perfection may lead to procrastination. There is a tendency for you not to do the job because you have the feeling that you will not do a perfect job. Accept the fact that no person is perfect and this will motivate you.

6. Break down the task into smaller components. You will be motivated if you do your task one step at a time.

7. At all times, see to it that you always pump yourself up. Give yourself enough time to motivate yourself. Cheer yourself up and be confident that you can accomplish your goal. It is always important to think positively about yourself.

So if you simply don’t have too much resolve to pump yourself and get motivated, follow these seven simple steps and get yourself going!


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  1. Agus Suhanto said, on Agustus 23, 2009 at 9:31 am

    nuhun o atas tulisannya yg bermanfaat… kenalkan sy Agus Suhanto

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